The Latino Education Outreach Program TuFuturo (Your Future) is a cross-sector collaboration providing a full suite of services to Latinos and their families.

The Latino Education initiative works to identify and close educational gaps facing the Latino population in our Region 9 service area. Several counties in our region anticipate continued growth in the Latino population; two of these counties have a significant Latino population due to their manufacturing base and a maturing Latino community. The current challenges of the education and workforce systems have resulted in collaborations between industry and education leaders to develop strategies and programs intended to increase the education attainment levels of the Latino community.


Latino Education Guide Checklist

Learn more about our education system and available resources in this informative online checklist booklet for parents and students.



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My mentor helped me branch out and find different ways I could help myself to further my education.” Rosa, High School Junior

Working to ensure that students have the skills and information needed to graduate high school and pursue a higher education.

Through our Latino College and Career Readiness Coaches and the Latino Mentor Program, our partners provide a deep level of support and engagement with students. These partners work to increase student interest in the academic and career planning process as well as to ensure students have the skills and information they need. They also coach and educate parents on the importance of education and how they can offer support to their children.


Providing the Latino community an opportunity to be involved in interactive, educational, and cultural events.

The Latino Education Outreach program organizes and facilitates various workshops, conferences, and events to engage students, parents, and the community. The High School Parents Conference, which is delivered in Spanish, takes place every Fall semester and provides information about graduation requirements, the transition from high school to college or work, college applications, and how parents can support their children in high school and college.

View Latino Education Outreach Videos on our YouTube page.

Equity and Inclusivity The Community Education Coalition advances equity in all its work, paying special attention to racial and income inequality, to ensure that each person thrives educationally, financially, and civically.