Community Education Coalition.
An Inspired Collaboration.


Formed by a coalition of community stakeholders, major businesses, and area educators, CEC is a 25-year partnership focused on aligning the region’s community learning system with economic growth and an improved quality of life.

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Equity and Inclusivity The Community Education Coalition advances equity in all its work, paying special attention to racial and income inequality, to ensure that each person thrives educationally, financially, and civically.

CEC Initiatives

Founded in 2012, CivicLab is dedicated to advancing the practice of civic collaboration. Partnering with and serving more than 300 communities across the country, they’ve trained more than 14,000 leaders and community stakeholders in their Stakeholder Engagement Process. 

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People and Partnerships lead
to Success for Communities.


The success of CEC relies on strong partnerships with business, education, and civic leaders in the region we serve, cross-sector collaborations, and collaborations between workforce and education.

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